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1.  Does VHA pick up at private addresses?

Yes.  As long as the address is in an area we service.

2. I wish to go at a time that is NOT in your schedule.  What do I Do?

Simply ask our staff if a change can be made.

We can often adjust pick up times and sometimes we ask you to adjust a pick up time to help others!

3.  Are VHA vehicles licenced as some Rideshare were not legal until recently?

Yes.  VHA Cars and Vans have always been licenced by the Victorian Taxi Directorate and now the Taxi Services Commission.

4.  Are VHA  vehicles insured?

Yes.  We have both comprehensive vehicle insurance and business and public liability insurance as required by the Taxi Services Commission.

5.  Can I book on the same day as I travel?

Yes, but sometimes we may have to say that we cannot help.

It is best to book by the day prior by 8.00 pm.

6.  Do you operate 7 days?

Yes.  But there are several exceptions.  For example , Christmas Day and New Years Eve we do not operate so that our drivers can have some family days etc

7. If my plane is delayed and I have to perhaps take a taxi instead, can I get a refund?

Yes of course.  We understand how flights are often delayed.  If we have to leave with other passengers then we are most happy to refund.

It is not your or our fault if flights are delayed or cancelled!

8.Do you provide baby seats?

Yes.  As with our car service we have capsules, seats and boosters available.  We do charge for the child as they occupy a seat but there is no extra charge for the actual child car seat.

Best wishes.

VHA Team

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